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© Elisa Mohideen

Professional Guitar Lessons

in Vienna and Kittsee / Berg
Rock | Pop | Heavy Metal
Fingerstyle | Rhythm & Blues
Country | Soul & Funk | Reggae

  • My services are aimed at anyone interested in rock and popular music. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or returning player. Whether it's electric or acoustic guitar.

  • My focus is on guitar music in all its forms. This includes not only learning songs but also improvisation, solos, rhythm, music theory...

  • My ultimate goal is to develop and nurture your creativity.




  • Working as a freelance musician since 1997

  • Member of the Manfred Neumann Ensemble since 1998

  • Founded the Big Band project "No fake the Big Band" in 2007

  • Founded the band "Black Mariah" in 2011

  • Member of the Gert Kolaja Combo / Big Band since 2015 Vienna Light Sound Orchestra

  • Solo Artist / Singer-Songwriter since 2019


Musical Education

  • Guitar, drums, piano, vocals

  • Lessons from Gerald Gradwohl, Gabriel Guillén,

  • Vocal training from Agim Hushi, Verena Göltl, and Monika Ballwein

  • Studio collaboration with Richard Fortus (Guns 'N Roses), Steve Saluto, Tim McCarver, ORF Wien, Lords of the Sounds, MG Studios

  • Internships in ensemble, harmony, and rhythm

  • Learned instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, tenor horn

Live-Performances / Collaborations

  • Richard Fortus

  • Steve Saluto

  • Tim Mc Carver

  • Ryan Martini

  • Zombie Boy

  • Peter Rapp

  • Doro Pesch

  • Sandra Pires

  • Monika Ballwein

  • Roman Gregory

  • Gunther Frank

  • Christian Kolonovits

  • Andy Lee Lang

  • Gang Guys

  • Tom Henkes

  • Andy Baum

  • ORF Wien




I mainly offer individual lessons for adults and children. Upon request, however, I also offer paired and group lessons (price upon request). Lessons are typically held once a week and last for 50 minutes.

Georg Neumann Gitarren- und Gesangsunterricht
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